Welcome to Salt & Paper House!

...And hello!

  The site is currently under construction, but will be fully functional by the end of October. Believe it or not, we have not had a complete site with a shop since the start of our freelancing career back in 2006.

  During that time we've spent countless hours designing, tweaking, and printing menus for restaurants, weddings, and events alike. And dammit! do we dig reading about all of the scrumptious food! We love food & the service industry so much in fact, that we decided to take the concept of a restaurant as the backbone and theme of our design studio.

    Stephanie operates the front of the house and I run the back of the house. When one section gets a little over run, we team up and get it done.

  This blog will be home for more detailed looks and information into some of our projects as well as some of our inspirations.