Oh boy, we don't love talking about ourselves, but we do love making good design, and that speaks for itself.

S&P is the design house of Keith P. Rein with over a decade of experience working in the industry and even longer as an illustrator. Feel free to hire us for any and all of your design needs, but we dig working on the following:

  • wedding invitations (any invitations really - who doesn't love a party?!)

  • posters

  • beer labels

  • t-shirts

  • portraits

  • merchandise

  • album art

  • bottle openers

  • menus

  • stickers

  • restaurant goodies

  • logos

We work with a lot of independent creators, restaurants, musicians, maybe your neighbor, maybe even Santa?? And have even designed a school mascot?!

With a background in photography and fine art, we can help you with all of your visual needs.